Repair & Restoration

Our Repair & Restoration division, formerly named Remco Deacon, focuses on correcting building defects and specialized remodel work, such as historic or seismic upgrades for both commercial and residential structures. The services we perform include water intrusion corrections, seismic and structural repairs, building investigations and any other service related to the repair or restoration of a building.

Remco Services was created in 1998 as a joint venture between general contractor Deacon Corp. and Olympic Crest Construction Services, a construction defect consultant. With 28 years of combined experience, Olympic Crest’s unparalleled skill in diagnosing and solving construction defect and water infiltration problems supported by Deacon’s quality construction knowledge, manpower and stability have proven to be an unbeatable combination. In 2003, Remco Services joined the Deacon Corp. family of construction companies and was renamed Remco Deacon.

During the past decade, Remco Deacon has distinguished itself as the premier construction defect repair and restoration company on the West Coast. Although we focus primarily on multi-tenant residential properties, we have developed a varied portfolio ranging from medical, recreation and retail facility repairs through elaborate single-family showcase homes.